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T-Bags Route 66 Travel Bag (with Top Net)
I bought this product to take to Sturgis. I am a female biker, and this bag was fantastic. It was easy for me to setup on the sissy seat and it didn't budge on the trip at all, even with all the wind. The straps made it easy to secure it to the bike, and the net I used to hold my rain gear in place with no problems. The zippered bag made it easy to access the inside while it was strapped to my bike and the side pouches were extremely roomy for my additional tools and toiletries. I love the fact that it has the rollers on it with the handle, so I could use it for air travel if needed. I'd recommend this product to anyone that is looking for quality and durability!
Laurie C.
Xelement 'XS-2002' Womens Black Leather Armored Jacket
Very nice jacket! Looks great on the wife.
David A.
Xelement 2918-BR Brown Distressed Leather Motorcycle Saddlebags
Great looking bags that fit well and look terrific on my Honda Stateline. I received them a few days after ordering them. Very pleased with the service as well as the product.
Luis S.
Xelement 'XS-5890 Classic' Mens Black Leather Jacket
Great Jacket. The finish is great. For the sizing I am a male 5'8'', 140 lbs. with a skinny athletic body and the small fits perfect. I love the versatility of this jacket, the features, and the material. The leather is thick and of great quality. It weights heavy. It also has room for a jacket underneath. I love the armour. Is almost invisible and very comfortable.
Roberto D.
Baker Throw Out Bearing Kit for Harley Davidson 1987-2013 Big Twin Models with The Ball-and-Ramp Actuator
The Harley throwout bearing has been notorious for early failure due to misadjustment for years. I worked on one that would have failure in as few as 300 miles even when adjusted correctly. The ball and ramp assembly had warn a low spot just above the machined low point and the balls would catch on that shelf causing the quick falure. The Baker kit with not only the bearing but the ball and ramp gave me all the parts to fix the problem and make sure it doesn't happen again.
Jack H.
Xelement Women's Classic Motorcycle Harness Boots
Great, sturdy boot. I took many customers' advice and ordered a half size smaller and it was perfect. I did a ton of research prior to purchasing and unless something wacky happens in the next few weeks/months, this boot is the best value out there!
Lisa B.
Xelement Women's Advanced Lace-Up Xelement Motorcycle Biker Boots
I actually ordered the other style boot first but when I received them they were missing a rivit plus I did not like the strap at the ankle. The exchanged my order for free because of the defect for this style boot. I think it runs about 1/2 size large which is fine for winter socks. I love the comfort, no break in time. When you put these boots on you feel 10 foot tall and tough as nails! I am short 5'3" so the thick sole is great and realy GRIPS the road when you put your feet down. I defiantly recommend these boots. Plus a great price I am sure you can't beat! Dee from Hor Springs AR
Dee G.
Xelement XG-879 Men's Mesh/Leather Motorcycle Gloves
Got them a few days ago and will use them for the first time tomorrow. To solve for the dye that people have found on their hands, I washed them gently in warm water and a little dish detergent, squeezing them in the warm water and then rinsing them well. A ton of dye came out. I wore them for an hour or so to see if that solved the problem and I did not have any trace of dye on my hands. Maybe it'll be different after tomorrow but I hope I solved the problem for myself (and maybe others).
Robert F.
Xelement '011' Waterproof Braided Trim Windshield Motorcycle Bag
Nice pouch. It has only a single center mounting hole but I made a bracket to attach it to my windshield brackets in about 5 minutes
Steven B.
Coolidge, AZ
Hawk H-6611 Flat Black Dual-Visor Modular Motorcycle Helmet with Blinc Bluetooth
I originally had an issue with a bad battery but customer service (Jessica in particular) was very helpful in troubleshooting then sending a replacement battery. After charging and pairing, which was simple, the helmet had great sound and style. I hope to be riding and listening to my music with this helmet for a long time. I have purchased several products from LeatherUp and I will continue shopping here.
Scott M.
Xelement 2921-BR Slanted Brown Motorcycle Saddlebags
Just put these on my 2007 Triumph Bonneville and I am very happy with them. 1st - Looks Quality of the leather is great... especially for the price. I have a brown sixty8 Thruxton seat and the colors do not match perfectly, but go pretty damn well together. 2nd - What they can hold So far, each can hold a handle of scotch, 12 pack of canned beer/six pack of bottles, my leather jacket (tight, but fits), and your simple grocery shopping items for a quick food run. 3rd - Mounting/Installing Please note - you will need to get saddlebag supports else where to fit these. I ended up finding a great deal on supports on fleabay for a total of $83 (including shipping) and they come in either black or chrome (i went with black for my bike). Here is a link for the supports, too: http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/171556739215?ul_noapp=true&chn=ps&lpid=82 The only bad thing i will say so far about these is that there is not much to holding these things on. I was hoping for some sort of brace or velcro attachment in the back of these to hold to the support bars. However, all they have are metal rings on each corner that come with leather straps to tie them in place. They seem to get the job done, but im not sure if i trust this enough yet. I am planning on just making some make-shift velcro support to hold them on better. The fact that you can unzipper each bag to remove from the bike (without having to remove the seat and unlace things) made up for this situation completely. Another huge plus. All in all, if your bike theme is going the brown route and your looking for nice, very well priced, brown leather saddlebags... i highly recommend these. Leatherup.com is really an awesome place when it comes to quality pieces at a great price.
Jason H.
Xelement 'All Season' Mens Black/Red Tri-Tex/Mesh Jacket
This jacket is very nice for the money (and for much more money). It fits well, the snaps could be attached a bit better but that seems to be more related to the mesh shell rather than any other reason. The thermal liner does not go down the sleeves and it would be nice if they did but otherwise neither my wife nor I have any major complaints and I have ordered riding pants to go with the jackets.
Thomas L.
Outlaw T-72 Dual-Visor Glossy Motorcycle Half Helmet with Graphics of Flowers and Pink Skull Butterflies
For the price, it's a great helmet. I like that it came with a protective bag, which I use for storage, hanging it on a knob near my front door. How convenient! Minor downsides: There's not a lot of padding inside but it's still very comfortable to wear. I had expected stencilled paint rather than a decal (which has a tiny wrinkle in the front), but you can't tell unless you look closely. My only real complaint is that I find it hard to adjust the strap through the D-rings. The strap adjusts easily if I run it through the D-rings in other helmets, and the straps on other helmets adjust easily if I run them through this helmet's D-rings, so I'm perplexed about it. I'm getting used to the feel of it to loosen it but snugging it down is tricky. I can't rate the durability because I only just got it, but for the price it's a great helmet and I love it.
Christina D.
Outlaw T-72 Chrome Dual-Visor Motorcycle Half Helmet
Great purchase, price and quality product.
Randy B.
Euless, TX
Xelement B7366 'Executioner' Mens Black Racer Leather Jacket
Great jacket for the leather, racing protection, vents, pockets, and side belts. 2 day delivery from local LA warehouse. It fit like a charm: just fit to the chest or waist (or belly) where both are less than the size specs. It fits great and I am very happy. I spent a few days and a few hours on the web looking all over, and I think I got the very best value on the web with a quality company backing up a name brand quality item. I have already boasted to my motorcycle forum about my purchase. Thanks for the great product and service!
philip b.
Outlaw T-72 Matte Black Dual-Visor Motorcycle Half Helmet
It was exactly as it was advertised. Fit and quality was good. Prompt service. Will gladly use them again.
jimmie b.
Pleasantville, Somewhere
Xelement 'Embroidered Flame Skull' Mens Lined Leather Motorcycle Gloves
Well made perfect fit.Kept hands warm and they werent hot on my hands good riding gloves.
Juan G.
Hawk Black Dual Visor Open Face Motorcycle Helmet
I Was not happy with this helmet, all was fine but after using the sun visor a few times I noticed a scratch on the right side. It appears to be rubbing on something in the helmet and it's right in my field of view. It's very annoying! Do yourself a favor and buy the one with no sun visor. Will buy from another vendor in the future. Decided to keep it , doesn't make sense to pay for additional shipping sending it back. Will have to use my shades.
Gilbert G.
New York, NY
Officially Licensed POW MIA Military 5 in. Patch
Quality and pricing AWESOME! Thank you
Jennifer D.
USA Leather Men's 4 Button Lace Vest
Awesome prices and delivery is ASAP!!! Very satisfied...just order one size up is all...they do run small...I have purchased 3 vests and several patches and other things...and will continue to do so. Thank you
Jennifer D.
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