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Xelement Unisex Classic Motorcycle Leather Chaps

by Xelement
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Item Description

Xelement Unisex Classic Motorcycle Leather Chaps

Quality textured cowhide leather chaps, mid-weight leather used for comfort and flexibility, comes with textured finish to resists scuffs. Fully lined till snaps, getting in and out of these chaps is easy with the zip and snap leg closures, and the extra-strong hardware really goes the extra mile. Inseam approximately 33-36 inches depending on the size. Comes with adjustable lace backside for added fit and comfort adjustment.

Buy with confidence from the #1 Online Leather Store. Great fit for both men and women. It is recommended you order a size larger then your waist so the chaps properly fit over your jeans. This items usually ships within 1 business day.

Item Details

  • Textured leather finish to resists scuffs
  • Fully Lined Till Snaps
  • Strong Silver Hardware
  • Hem length as need with Scissors or Knife
  • Buy direct from manufacturer and save hundreds
  • Xelement Brand always going the extra distance

Manufacturers Part Number


Size Chart

Chaps - 7550
*All measurements in inches.
28 23" 32" 41.5"
30 23" 33" 42.5"
32 23" 33.5" 42.5"
34 24" 33.5" 42.5"
36 24" 33.5" 43.5"
38 26" 34" 44"
40 26" 34" 43"
42 27" 36" 45"
44 28" 36.5" 45.5"
46 30" 36.5" 46"
48 30" 37" 46"
50 31" 37.5" 47"
52 32" 39" 48"
54 32" 39" 48"
56 32" 40" 49"

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Customer Reviews

69 out of 71 people found the following review helpful:
August 01, 2008
Raymond from TAVARES, FL
I am happy with the chaps. I ordered a size 36 and a size 34. The 36 was too big, the 34 is fine. I wear 33W 34L jeans. Thanks leather up!
45 out of 45 people found the following review helpful:
June 29, 2008
john from MT HOOD PRKDL, OR
This is my second pair of these chaps. The first pair did thier job in a motorcycle vs. deer accident. They literally saved my a$$! I highly reccomend these chaps!!
44 out of 44 people found the following review helpful:
May 23, 2008
Michael from GRAND FORKS, ND
For the price I was expecting a cheaper quality leather. Excellent product. I will be ordering again soon. Don't be scared off that you have to trim to length. It was eazy and hasn't frayed at all so there is no need to hem them.
34 out of 35 people found the following review helpful:
May 26, 2008
kevin from EAST DIXFIELD, ME
they fit good i take a 30 inch waist . and the pants are a little loose on me . so i got the 30 inch waist size for the chaps and they fit . i would not fit in a size bigger
0 out of 0 people found the following review helpful:
November 13, 2014
Jeremy M. from New Vienna, OH
I bought these chaps for myself to get in a little more riding now that it's getting colder. The buckle on my old chaps broke and I needed a cost friendly pair to replace them. I read all of the reviews and a lot of them stated they were tight in the thigh area, they weren't lying! I can't get them around my thigh. I have to zip them lower on my thigh then pull them up but they won't slide all of the way up. I ordered size 36, I'm about 5'10 220lbs. The waste was huge and they legs were too small. I'm not sure who they designed these for, but if you have athletic legs, stay away! I'm really disappointed honestly. Shipping was fast from Leatherup, and I'm sure I could get them to swap them out for something else, but I'm not sure that it's worth paying for shipping, etc back. Seems like a really nice product other than the horrible cut.
0 out of 0 people found the following review helpful:
November 04, 2014
Bill G. from SPRING HILL, FL
These chaps are beautiful - couldn't find a stitch out of place - these chaps are Better than what I found local...they're cheaper too - a GREAT buy" - I have a 36" waist and these fit superb - of course they arrived here as promised too!
0 out of 0 people found the following review helpful:
October 23, 2014
Robert H. from BUTTE, MT
4 out of 4 people found the following review helpful:
October 06, 2014
Good chaps, BUT the waist runs too large for women, it would help if they figured out how to accomodate girls that are small wasted but not stick figures and have shapely thighs. Maybe the tie in the back to have 3 rows of holes on each side instead of two? So they can be overlapped and made a little smaller? I overlapped mine as is and it is "almost" OK, but still a little wide, so the shaps sit a little too low. Other than that, the price is great, the quality is good. The leather string used in the back snapped, so I used the part that was left, it was just enough to tie a knot, so it worked out. But if it snapped in the middle, I woul dhave to use a shoe lase or something ;-) I shortened mine with regular scisors just above the first snap to make the length better for me, that part was easy (make sure when you do it, that you check what length you need while sitting, as it's a litte more than when standing straigth) Given the amazing price point, I consider these a very good buy. Over a Million Satisfied Customers Since 1998. Gift Cards Learn More
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